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Smile Gallery

View  the images below to see how Dr. Arrue, in his Conyers GA dental office, changed each individuals smile and life forever.



This patient was unhappy with the color and shape of her top teeth. To give her the smile she always wanted we whitened her teeth then placed four all porcelain veneers to match the new lighter color.





This young lady was unhappy with the color and shape of her teeth. She also did not like the shortness and gummy smile. Due to her young age we did not want to prepare any of her natural teeth. Instead, we performed a "gum lift" and placed thin "no prep" veneers over her existing teeth without drilling or anesthesia.




This gentleman had existing bonded fillings to cover stain of his teeth. After many years these fillings began to chip and wear. For a more permanent solution, we placed 8 porcelain laminate veneers. He now has straight and white teeth and doesn't have to worry about the bonding failing.



This businessman was complaining of TMJ pain and sensitive teeth due to excessive tooth wear. He wanted to have whiter, straighter teeth and correct his bite. We began his treatment with occlusal splint therapy followed by occlusal equilibration. We established anterior guidance by placing Empress crowns on lower anterior and opened his bite by restoring the upper arch with 14 all porcelain crowns Night guard was made to protect his bite.



This patient was not satisfied with the color and shape of his teeth. Also he had a dark crown that he wanted replaced. To give him a smile he always wanted we first did a full mouth equilibration to correct bite discrepancy, then placed 10 porcelain laminate veneers We whitened his lower teeth with night white tray bleaching.





This young lady had 10 porcelain laminate veneers to make her teeth whiter and straighter.




This patient initially wanted her teeth whitened. She still did not get as white as she wanted. She was unhappy with the shape and color of her teeth. To give her the smile she always wanted we made 8 all porcelain crowns.





This teacher presented with severe occlusal wear. She underwent occlusal splint therapy. We opened her bite and temporized to establish a comfortable bite, then finalized with Authentic pressed to metal crowns on teeth #2,12,13,14, 21,28,29,30,31 and bridge 3-5, 18-20 Empress Crowns #6-11, 22-27.





This engineer wanted to improve his smile. He had severe tooth wear causing discomfort. After splint therapy and equilibration, we made 10 all porcelain crowns and veneers on teeth #4-13 to give him the smile he always wanted. We protected his bite from further wear by making him a bite splint after placement of his veneers and crowns.




This patient was complaining yellow teeth due to old composite fillings and crowding of her teeth. She wanted a more revealing smile that was straighter and whiter. To give her the smile she always wanted the patient completed orthodontics first, and then bleached upper and lower arches. To finish her treatment we placed all ceramic Empress crowns on teeth # 5-12.



This patient had been caring for her sick husband and felt it was time to take care of herself. She was unhappy with the worn uneven edges and color of her teeth She wanted a more revealing smile that was straighter and whiter. To give her the smile she always wanted we placed Authentic pressed to metal crowns #4,5,12,13,14 and Empress crowns #6-11.

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